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RIP Eugene Cernan - We look back at 'his' Apollo 17 watch from 2012

The watches themselves are 46mm wide, and pretty thick (as you can tell). I am not clear on the movements they used, but there is a standard three hand movement (probably an ETA automatic 2892-2, and a sourced manually wound tourbillon movement). Prices are likely in the ,000 - 0,000 range. They are definitely cool looking, and demand for them is strong. Apparently Romain Jerome is over 45 million dollars back ordered. Good to be them right now.

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Stylin' Xemex XE 5000 Automatic Watch With Perlage Polished Metal Face Sales & Auctions
Xemex Offroad 60 Minute 2 Dial Black And White
Time Remaining: 20h 14m

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It really brings exclusive novelty watches to life when you see them for sale. I learn about most new watches that are released, but with such limited numbers, most of them seem unavailable to start with. Even though I can't afford most of the watches, it is nice to seem them for sale once in a while. This will probably not happen at your local watch retail locations, but the good news is that there are great sites online where exotic watches are offered all the time. That is the next best thing to having these at your physical disposal.

The watch itself is just a variation on a standard three hand movement. Instead of hands, revolving discs are used to display the time. The outermost ring represents the hours, then minutes, and then seconds on the inside. Other than the display porthole, the rest of the dial is covered in a mostly opaque black or white cover which looks to be ceramic, and is used on the sides of the watch as well. The material might also be polished black PVD steel, and as you can tell the white faced version is obviously steel.

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Elegant style tasting Omega Constellation Replica

LUM-TEC: "Most of our fans and customers are very much like myself in that they collect watches and know everything there is to know about them. They know what features to look for, they know quality when they see it, they can see a Rolex Sub on someone's wrist from 10 feet away and identify it as a 1994 model with a tritium dial, they are what we refer to as the WIS community. Who better to get feedback and ideas from, than the true collectors, who know what they like best about each watch they own and desire? These people are what makes LUM-TEC what we are."

Technical specifications:
Stainless steel case
Diameter: 40.00 mm
Sapphire crystal
Case-back secured by 7 screws
Water resistance: 30 meters

One thing that isn't obvious if you've never played with this watch is how the functions "come to life." Press your finger on the compass portion of the face, and the hands reorient themselves to form a pointer, with the longer end (minute hand) pointing north. The LCD panel then displays the degrees (0-360). You don't get to see the time while in this mode, but you get a fully functional electronic compass on your wrist. I imagine that Les Stroud uses this a lot, though he is less inclined to admit it. I know I would use it instead of relying on the sun for direction. To place the watch back in the default time telling mode, you just put your finger on the function again to return to the standard watch mode.

A Very Rare Omega Speedmaster '150th Anniversary of Omega'

Well lucky for us, one is available on eBay right now. The Temption CGK203 is no longer made and went through a limited production of only 1100 pieces. Though there is an updated version, The Temption CGK204, these remain distinct watches that simply share the same movement, which is the highly complex ETA automatic Valjoux 7751. The 7751 is based on the popular Valjoux 7750, but added to the movement is a full calendar, moonphase, and 24 hour hand. It is one of the most feature rich movements out there, especially at the price. Better yet, Temption does an excellent job of making such an array of complications and information still very legible.

Thomas Prescher Trilogy Tourbillon watch series details:

Ah, but there is one scenario where fake watches are a problem, and I honestly don't know how much of a problem it really is. This is when a person buys a fake watch thinking it is a real watch. The quality is sub par, and thus the good-will of the brand is eroded. This is a problem, and I can see how this might be an issue. Though, I don't see how this could be a long standing issue. For someone to be tricked like this, they would need to buy the watch at a retail location. No one worth caring about believes you can buy a real luxury European watch off a street vendor. This retail location would be quickly found and shut down, at least I could not imagine any major city where it would not be. So in my opinion, while this is a potentially serious issue, it is probably not a common issue.

Now You Can Have Your Luxury Watch And Wear It Too!

Then you have what I consider to be one of the first 'whimsy' luxury watches that might have began the 'movement' trend in luxury women's watches. I am speaking of the Chopard Happy Diamonds, and all the derivatives that came after it. This proved to be a very popular watch for Chopard with an endless amount of colors, sizes, and styles. What they all have in common are gold cases diamond studs that move freely in a compartment sandwiched between two sapphire crystals above the dial. While the effect hindered one's view of the time, it was an interesting novelty that many adoring fans still covet today. Chopard has done an excellent job with this, and it is still one of their best sellers.

The Land Instrument is a nice feeling device, and is built to be light (41 grams) yet durable. The body is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, with a mineral glass screen. While the device looks thick, most of the underside in concave allowing for it to fit on a Linde Werdelin Biformeter watch - making it pretty slim in reality. Size wise, it is about 44mm long, 52 mm wide, and 18mm tall at its highest point. Two little hinged clips on the side of the case allow for it to be clipped on to a Biformeter watch, charger, or the Land Instrument's accessories that come with it or can be purchased from Linde Werdelin.

Sarpaneva Korona K3 Red Moon Watch Shows What The Moon Is Really Thinking Watch Releases

A Fan Talks About His Speedmaster Transitional From 1968

The characters themselves are plastic stand-ups, and not watches themselves. I have a feeling that people's love for these guys is going to force Casio into creating more of these for the consumer market. Otherwise they are bound to remain highly sought after collectors items. Check out the image gallery below for more pictures.

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Watch & Car Art Together By French Artist Philippe Burlet

Watch & Car Art Together By French Artist Philippe Burlet

Omega Speedmaster Rattrapante 3540.50

Marvin M109 Watch Offers Handsome Looks, Value, Unavailability In The US Watch Releases

The Bad:

It's true. You can't make jokes around people who can buy and sell you. One moment, you are idly making fun of your competitor with a potential customer, and the next, you are shining shoes at the airport. It can happen that quickly, right? The nerve! Questioning the aesthetic merits of others! Actually, if you are wearing a white glove showing off ,000 dollar watches, you probably don't have a sense of humor as it is. Let me see, you are trying to prove that an item, meant to be safely and securely worn on one of the highest impact areas of your body (hands and wrist), is worth ,000. And you do it by carefully laying it on a velvet tray with white gloves. That's funny right? But no ones sees the humor in that. Such an industry of contradictions.

Speedmaster Schumacher Yellow


Like pocket watches, a phone sits in your pocket, purse, bag, or coat. You need to fetch it, and operate it to view the time. The actions, and time necessary, including the amount of hand usage is similar to that once required to view time with a pocket watch. Thus, I am can easily edict, that the pocket watch is all but back.

An exciting part of the process will be uncovered as designs get closer to something production ready. LUM-TEC will use talented graphic artist Russ Schwenkler to render life-like 3D models of the watches. This will give people an excellent idea of what the watch concept will look like, and allow for fine tuning the designs. I really can't wait to see what some of the final concepts are, if just to see the artist renderings.

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The Tissot T-Touch is a well-known and respected line of tech watches from one of Switzerland's best known watch manufacturers. Tissot has built its name on crafting well-built and affordable time pieces – something of a rarity from everyone's favorite neutral federal republic. It has been nearly a year since I reviewed the Seastar 1000 and walked away impressed. The T-Touch Expert is the most feature-packed model in the brands history and it offers a comprehensive mix of sport styling and easy-to-use tech.

Tissot Sea Touch Diving Watch: Officially Announced Watch Releases

* The complete Tourbillon rests in flexible springs to absorb any shocks.
* The third axis is synchronized with the minute hand, with each revolving one time per hour.
* The time setting turns the third tourbillon axis, so minute hand will rest synchronic with the third tourbillon axis.

Speedmaster Holy Grail For The Italian Market

While the replica will not have the same features as the "real" Pip-Boy 3000, such as a Geiger counter, and information about the terrain, your special abilities, or enemy weakness, it will have a functioning clock at the very least. You can tell how it opens up to allow it to fit over your wrist, and then snaps back into place. This is easily the best part, because you can actually wear the Pip-Boy 3000. This is going to be my daily watch for, probably a few years at least. Whether I am in a meeting at the office, or out on a date, I can be assured that people will notice my personal Pip-Boy 3000 and sigh with envy. "That guy is styling and prepared exiting the vault and existing in a post-nuclear war destroyed and barely rebuilt society, with mutants." All I really need now is a watch fit for a zombie invasion, and I am set!

Jean-Claude Andruet and Mademoiselle “Biche” won with their Alpine Renault A110 n°18. For the first time, a woman entered in the history of the rally as overall co-winner.

Maybe it was Bell & Ross who started the black on black craze with their BR01 Phantom. The thickly coated hands and indexes glow a pale gray in the dark, adding to the ghostly demeanor. One idea behind the black on black look was stealth. So that only the wearer would be able to read the time. But then enough people probably realized it was a silly notion, and just relented the concept to being fashionable. Still, it is mostly those aggressive instrument like watches which tend to bear the black on black look.